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Naval Architect In A Managerial Capacity

Opis stanowiska:
-Development of project specific targets such as deadlines for drawings, provisions and presentations
-Supervision and coordination for the preparation of concepts
-Structural analysis and vibration calculation
-Preparation and approval of drawings, as well as supervision and coordination for the technical part of the purchasing process
-Coordination of projects and processes with the customer, the production department and the classification society
-Supervision and improvement of processes
-Status reporting towards the project manager and team supervisor
-Contact person for customers, class, purchasing department and production department
-Contact person for the clerks on the TSD team

-Degree in Naval Architecture or similar subject area
-Business-fluent English
-Knowledge of SEP, Catia, AS400 and Microsoft Office
-Planning ability and well-structured operations
-Cooperative personality, strong communication skills and team spirit, as well as commitment, flexibility and the ability to work under pressure
-Several years of work experience


If you are interested incooperation, please send your application: magdalena.zatorska@manbase.com